Step 1: Installer

download installer

  • Right click the installer and run as admin.
  • Do not change the default install path!
  • If it won't run, check if the download finished:
    Right click > properties > size should be 571 MB

Step 2: Replace client and DAT Files

download zip

  • Unzip for three files: acclient.exe, client_cell_1.dat, client_portal.dat
  • Copy and paste all three files into your Turbine > AC folder.
  • Click “Replace the files.”

Step 3: ThwargLauncher

download launcher

Step 4: Account Creation

Harvestbud - 3 account limit

Hightide (PK) - 3 account limit

Reefcull - no account limit

Step 5: Character Creation

  • Unused skill credits will carry over to your character after logging in.
  • Battle mage: specialize War, train Life, Mana Con (46).
  • Four school mage: train War, Life, Creature, Item, Mana Con (50)
  • Archer: specialize Missile Weapons
    train Melee D, Fletching, Healing, Item, Mana Con (44).
  • High damage melee: specialize Two Hand Combat
    train Melee D, Healing, Item, Mana Con (46).
  • Tank melee: specialize Heavy or Finesse and Dual Wield
    train Melee D, Healing, Item, Mana Con (46 / 44).

Protips for starting out:

  • Go to Facility Hub to buy level 4 buffs and save skill credits.
  • Train Summoning early on to make soloing much easier.
  • Sneak Attack and Recklessness are optional and dependent on play style.
  • Level ~30 archers can use Prismatic ammo and do not need trade mules.
  • Healing is more effective when specialized, but excessively so until higher health.
  • Wait until high levels to specialize defense skills for Damage Reduction Ratings.

  • Step 6: Fullscreen Direct3D error and required settings

    Error on starting game:

    • In Windows 10, fullscreen causes a popup error when entering the world.
    • At the character selection screen, hold Alt + Enter to change to window mode.
    • This may result in a tiny window. Ignore this for now and click Enter.

    In game settings:

    • Press F11 and go to Config tab > scroll down midway to Graphics Options > resolution
    • Click the drop down and select the highest number at the bottom to fill the screen.
    • Click "Yes" on the pop up to apply.
    • Scroll down to Rendering Quality Options > Landscape Draw Distance.
    • Click the drop down and select Very Low.
    • Scroll down to Input Options.
    • Disable "Turn your character with camera turning"
    • Click "Apply."

    required settings


    Install Decal

    download decal

    • Right click the installer and run as admin.
    • Do not change the default install path!
    • If you receive this error message, run the DirectX installer, then try again.
    • Start Decal, and close the pop up that says the client is out of date.
    • Click update in Decal.
    • A red X for the filter "Version 1 plugin surrogate" is normal.
    • If you have all red Xs, go back to step 1 and replace acclient.exe from the zip file.

    Add ThwargFilter.dll

    • Click add > browse > Program Files (x86) > Thwargle Games
    • Select ThwargFilter.dll and save, as shown below.
    • Enable Decal injection in the bottom right corner of ThwargLauncher.
    • Log in and stay in game for at least 30 seconds before before installing any plugins.
    • AC will close with no error message if ThwargFilter.dll has not been added properly.

    add thwargfilter

    Virindi Bundle plugins

    download virindi bundle

    • Right click and run the installer as admin.
    • Do not change the default install path!
    • Click Check Libs and install anything it says you are missing.
    • Uncheck Virindi Integrator 2 in Decal, or you will see disconnect chat messages.
    • Please note that these are the only plugins recommended for most users.


    Virindi Tank

    • Beginner Guide
    • Wiki
    • Disable peace mode when idle
    • Disable repeat attacks
    • If text is too large, reduce Windows font scaling

    Auto Follow And Nav Route

    • F11 > Config tab > scroll to the bottom > Input Options
    • Disable “Turn your character with camera turning”

    Unattended Combat Settings

    • Bots may freeze when changing combat positions
    • Avoid healing kits, changing weapons, and peace mode
    • Set mages to heal other bots and leave their fellowship window open
    • Add the /fixbusy chat command to a meta if you continue to have issues

    Virindi Classic Looter

    Virindi Global Inventory

    • Wiki
    • Rename _Reefcull.db or _Hightide.db to a retail server name
    • i.e. _Leefcull.db or _Darktide.db

    Virindi Chat

    • Wiki
    • Use to filter messages that don’t save in character settings
    • i.e. spell words, evades, bots


    Special thanks to Diablorath and Xanius for making this possible.

    • Download these two files: GoArrow.dll and GoArrow.dll.config
    • Copy and paste both files into your GoArrow folder. Click “Replace the files.”
    • The default location is C:\Games\VirindiPlugins\GoArrowVVSEdition
    • Restart AC.


    ThwargLauncher Setup

    • Change ThwargLauncher to Advanced View in the bottom left corner.
    • Click Help and follow the instructions for UserPreferences.ini and Decal settings.
    • Click OnLogin Cmds and add automatic chat commands for /loadui or Vtank.
    • Enable Auto Relaunch at the top right corner for unattended bots.
    • This setting also requires enabling "No movies" and "No logos" in Decal options.

    Reduce CPU and GPU use

    • AC will run at excessive frame rates and waste CPU and GPU power.
    • Set a frame rate limit of 60 or 120 FPS outside of the game.
    • Nvidia graphics: MSI Afterburner
    • AMD graphics: Radeon Chill
    • Intel graphics: AC Power Saver with chat command /powersaver 9
    • Minimize any clients you don't need to see.
    • Mag-Tools with Mag-Filter will automatically limit out of focus clients to 10 FPS.

    Decal Plugins and Metas

    This page is under construction. Broken links will be fixed shortly. Thanks! :)

    Current Plugins

    Link Author Description Download
    Virindi Bundle Virindi Includes everything most people will ever need. See Decal setup for instructions and the Virindi Wiki for help.
    Download File
    TreeStats Petridish Upload allegiance and character stats for viewing allegiance organization and server ranking.
    Download File
    Mag-Tools Mag-nus Remove client window borders, frame limit out of focus clients, suit builder, and meta utilities. Requires adding both magtools.dll and magfilter.dll to Decal.
    Download File
    Scrolls Mania Automatically makes all level 8 scrolls, and tells you which spells you are missing.
    Download File
    Radar add-on Flynn Required for MiniMap and some features of AC+.
    Download File
    Alternative Version
    MiniMap Flynn Adds dungeon walls to the radar. Unvisited areas show in white, while visited areas are shown in blue.
    Download File
    AC+ Flynn Numerous features, as described on the Silo's Toy Box archive.
    Download File
    AC Power Saver -lino- Frame rate limiter to reduce CPU utilization, but only really helpful for Intel graphics. AMD and Nvidia graphics have their own control panels for frame rate targets. Use the chat command /powersaver < value > with < value > being a number between 0 and 9. 9 = 111 FPS, 5 = 200 FPS, 2 = 500 FPS, 0 = disabled.
    Download File

    Loot Profiles, Metas and Bots

    Title Author Description Download
    Loot Snob Immortal Bob Instructions for adding a loot profile to Virindi Tank and editing rules.
    Download File
    IBControl Immortal Bob Meta for controlling fellowship bots.
    Download File
    Autocrafter Immortal Bob Meta for automatically crafting missile ammo.
    Download File
    IBAirport Immortal Bob Portal bot meta.
    Download File
    BuffCaster Immortal Bob Buff bot meta.
    Download File
    SkunkTrader Cyprias Trade bot script for SkunkWorks.
    Download File
    MissionImpossible Harli Quin Meta builder for Virindi Tank. Open-source at GitHub.
    Download File

    Standalone Applications

    Title Author Description Download
    ThwargLauncher Thwargle Recommended launcher for all emulators and servers. Tutorial video for advanced mode, brought to you by the most famous musician in Dereth.
    Download File
    Endy's Tinkering Calculatorr Endy Tinkering calculator for any combination of buffs and augmentations. NOTE: Always says to use more Granite than necessary.
    Download File
    Decal Registry Cleaner Greg Kusnick Not recommended, except as a last resort when a previous Decal install causes problems. See Reinstalling Decal for instructions.
    Download File
    Virindi Views Cleaner Virindi Not recommended, except as a last resort when a previous Decal install causes problems. See Reinstalling Decal for instructions.
    Download File


    This page is under construction, and will return shortly. Thanks! :)